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About DDlg Life

We have been servicing the DDlg, DDlb, MDlb, MDlg and CGl community for almost 10 years now. We were originally called but then a few years ago we decided to rebrand and make the site more up to date. As you can read in our philosophy section we believe in continual change and upgrading. 

The DDlg community has had a lot of stigma surrounding it and a lot of unwarranted backlashing. We strive to give our community a safe place to express themselves.  Please help spread the word and lets all make the one stop hub for DDlg, DDlb, MDlg, MDlb and CGl.

Mission Statement

The relationship between a Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme or Caregiver and their babygirl, babyboy or little is not an incestuous one nor does it involve ANYONE who is underage. A Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme or Caregiver is a loving and caring Dom / Domme who believes in guiding their littles. Daddies and Mommies are often a wellspring of information for their littles to learn from and will give information and training on a variety of different subjects. Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes and Caregivers may be loving and caring teachers but they can also be very strict disciplinarians as well. Lessons learned are also reinforced with rewards the next time the little succeeds in handling a difficult situation at work or at home. It is all about guiding the little in life and how to live it responsibly while allowing them to feel safe and to let out that inner child inside of them that has been dying to escape.. Here we provide a safe and secure environment to find a Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme, Caregiver and littles, chat, date, share photos and videos. Enjoy!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to always be improving our members experience. Our whole team hates when you join a site and it stays the same for years. Never upgrading or improving. We always listen to feedback on our contact us page or forum postings. Always trying our best to facilitate what our members want to see added to the site. Our long term goal is to be the one stop hub for all DDlg , MDlb, CGl lifestyle members.

Meet Our Team

About DDlg Life 1

Chief Technical Officer

Handles all the development and design of the site.

About DDlg Life 2

Chief Financial Officer

Deals with all the financial aspects of the site.

About DDlg Life 3

Chief Support Officer

Takes care of all the support areas of the site.

Comments or Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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